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  • What about Insurance?
    Many people are concerned about the cost of therapy. While I strive to keep mental health therapy affordable (and do consider it priceless), I also understand that expense matters. For this reason I work hard to help my clients use their out-of-network insurance benefits to pay for their therapy, whenever possible. However, I do not bill insurance directly and am out-of-network with all insurance providers. I do provide a SuperBill that my clients can submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement.
  • Do you see kids? Teens? Adults?
    I work with adults only; providing individual and couple's counseling
  • What type of sessions are available?
    I currently offer both telehealth and in person sessions for individual therapy clients. I only provide in person sessions for couples therapy sessions.
  • Do You Use Jedi Mind Tricks on Your Clients?
    I cannot disclose that information, I plead the fifth. ;) ​ On a serious note though, no. Psychotherapy is about collaboration between you and I. There's no tricks here.
  • How Do You Define Success with a Client?
    My goal is that you leave my office feeling better at the end of your session. I want you to be in a better place mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually then when you came in.
  • What about trauma? How do you approach a heavy session?
    I’ve had very specific trauma trainings and I feel confident in helping people with big Ts and little Ts, which is big traumas and little traumas. Trauma is a not a one-size-fit at all because everybody experiences traumas differently. We all cope and understand things in different ways, it is understanding and learning about my client, and building that therapeutic rapport that allows me to be able to help the client through those hard moments. ​ Trauma is such a scary word and can alter how someone views themselves, views the world, and views others because it is coming from their own perspective and hearing what they say in the words that they use. I will never abandon someone during session, even if the session has ended and I have another client waiting, there is no way in hell that I would let a client leave my office if they were not in a good space to leave.
  • How does all of this work? How do you help?
    I think first it's making sure that I know where you are coming from. Specifically, what is it that made you decide okay, now's the time to get into therapy. I make sure I know what your goals for therapy are. I also want to ensure that I can help you. If I am unable to be the therapist/counselor for you, I will provide you with other referrals. I use a lot of laughter, sarcasm, examples, validations, solutions, support, suggestions, and like I said, I call people on their crap because sometimes it just needs to be said. ​ I am very big on truth and honesty. I want you to be honest with me and yourself. I want us to be a collaborative team with an identified goal(s) that we can accomplish together.
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