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Addiction Treatment

Having an addiction sucks. You know that and I know that. I don’t want to judge you or shame you, I want to give you a comfortable space to be your true authentic self. If you are seeking sobriety and/or recovery or if you want to learn to manage your addiction better I can help you identify what your goal is. I can help you make the change to have a lasting difference.

Trauma Treatment

Trauma(s) can be big Ts or little Ts but all trauma can and should be addressed. Trauma does not define anyone or make anyone. Saying that you are ready to deal with your trauma is HUGE and I am so proud of you. Let me help you to let go of that baggage so that you can experience more joy and peace.

Treatment for Chronic Health

I do not want to tell you how to manage your illness, I would never presume to know more than you. What I do know is that chronic health issues, and this is a very large spectrum of illnesses, more often than not lead can lead to depression, anxiety, and increased stress. I want to help you deal with the emotional, psychological, physical, and lifestyle impacts from your illness and help you gain the power back.

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